Brookfield 提供多种Thermosel 转子,可适用于广泛的粘度范围。我们****的转子和样品杯组合,可提供长期耐用版本,也可提供一次性版本。

  • 规格-

    Thermosel Spindles and ChambersLink hanging configuration is standard
    SC4-181.32 N8.0 mL
    SC4-311.34 N10.0 mL
    SC4-341.28 N9.5 mL
    SC4-21.93 N8.0 mL
    SC4-272.34 N10.5 mL
    SC4-281.28 N11.5 mL
    SC4-291.25 N13.0 mL
    HT-DIN-811.29 N7.0 mL
    1.SC4-XXBS=Solid Shaft. Not available for SC4-18 and SC4-21 spindles.
    2.Also available as SC4-27D-100 Disposable Spindles (100 units) – requires Part No. SC4-DSY for attachment to viscometer.
    HT-2Sample Chamber-Reuseable, stainless steel
    HT-2DB-100Sample Chamber-Disposable, aluminum 100 units
    Note: See Enhanced UL Adapter for spindle ranges.